what’s up?

hey. i’m back. sorry for the lack of posting, but we finally got our internet hooked up in the new place. it turns out we could have had it up and running three weeks ago because we didn’t have to get on a list to get it setup like the phone operator told us. we just had to pick up a handy dandy do-it-yourself install kit that took joe about 10 minutes to finish this weekend.

we had a fun weekend. on friday, we drove my grandparents’ truck back up to my parents’ house (we had used it to bring boxes down) and visited with the parents for a while. we didn’t do anything really on saturday, which was nice. and yesterday my parents came down to see the new place and have lunch. then it was off to joe’s friend’s graduation party, then to joe’s parents’ house and then to the mall. busy but fun. now today it’s back to work. blah. heh.

so here’s my question: why do two test blogs i set up to test designs say they were edited today when i haven’t touched them in months? just curious.

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