i made it through surgery, and yesterday wasn’t so bad. i was bombarded by hospital personnel in my room (the anesthesiologist, two nurses and my doctor) who explained things to me and stuck me with needles until it was time for them to lead me to the operating room. the nurses there were very friendly and they talked to me as they poured the “feel good” solution into iv. the last thing i remember is them asking me where i like to go on vacation.

the next thing i know i’m in the recovery room, hurting and freaking out because i couldn’t swallow. “oh, they had to numb your throat the put the breathing tube in,” the nurse told me.

i didn’t know i was going to have to have a breathing tube.

when i was wheeled back to my room my parents were still there, and one of my brothers had arrived. my other brother couldn’t come because he wasn’t feeling well. on the windowsill was a stuffed lion and a balloon that joe bought me. joe has been so good to me. he said he didn’t leave my room until he knew i was in recovery and was okay. then he and my brother, randy, went to the gift shop to find something for me. he’s such a sweet guy.

yesterday wasn’t too painful today is a completely different story. it hurts to move. it hurts to sit up. it hurts to stand. it hurts to walk. i had three incisions in my abdomen — one in my belly button and two below it on either side of my abdomen. people say, oh, three small incisions aren’t anything. they are when you use your abdomen for everything. think about it. you use it to sit up and to move around in bed, etc. i’ve already taken a percocet and still i’m in pain. combine that with my sore, scratchy throat that makes it very hard for me to talk, and i’m not a happy camper. i may not be able to drive monday. sigh. that means i’ll have to find a ride to my meetings. i just hope this doesn’t recur, like it does in most women. but my doctor made sure to tell my dad (MY DAD) that the birth control i’m on should cause it not to come back. way to go doc.

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