Weight Loss Motivation

I’ve been struggling with losing weight since having Lucy. Even though I haven’t been eating too badly, I haven’t been super motivated. Plus, I’ve been *so* tired, I just haven’t felt like exercising.

I’m hoping that’s about to change. Yesterday, I attended my first of 8 weight loss programs at work. It’s part of a wellness program that we all had the opportunity to participate in. For me, it was a no-brainer. It’s free, it’s during work hours and it’s time with a registered dietician. I’m hoping that this will work for me so I won’t have to rejoin Weight Watchers.

One thing I know I need to do is to start eating breakfast. I’m not a breakfast person. Even though I’m hungry in the mornings, I just don’t get around to it, especially with a 2-month-old to take care of. Today, I got up an hour or so earlier than normal and have had a leisurely morning while Lucy sleeps, including eating a pretty good breakfast.

Another thing I didn’t realize was that I should be eating something every few hours. The woman leading our class says that when our blood sugar stays level, our metabolism does as well. When you eat every few hours, your blood sugar spikes leading your metabolism to spike.

It’s going to be a long road. I have about 44 pounds to lose to get my BMI into the healthy range. According to the CDC, I’m obese. I never really thought I was that large, but I guess I am. My first goal is to be out of maternity clothes by the Atlanta Arthritis Foundation walk in May. I think I can do that.

I just wish I wasn’t so hungry all the time.

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  1. Joe says:

    I’m here for you honey. You’re going to do it! We’re going to do it! šŸ™‚ Lucy and I are so proud of you just getting started. That’s the hardest part!

  2. juli says:

    Good luck on the 8 week weight loss program that you are participating in through your work. I re-joined WW again for the 3rd time. That really is the only diet that ever has worked for me because you can eat anything within the points range. I have lost 26 pounds since August 1st.

    Even though I did not gain much weight while pregnant, i have a 12 year old and a 4 year old, it was after that I gained my weight. I have GB with my last child so I actually lost weight while pregnant, but then gained after because I was able to eat the things again I was not allow to eat.

    I hate to think about weight, being over weight, and what the “guidelines” say you should weigh to be healthy. I am a bigger boned person and if I ever got down to what they say I should I would look sick.. Just get down to what you feel comfortable with. One of my inspirations is watching Biggest Loser, although when some of the women get on the scale I can not believe they actually weigh what the scale says. They look bigger. There was one lady last week that got on the scale and she weighed 190, she was huge. I asked my family if I looked like that and they said no. I currently weigh 176 and started out at 204, it is funny how different people carry their weight differently.

    Again good luck. Just think one day at a time and once you start seeing results you will even be more motivated šŸ™‚

  3. Carol says:

    You can do it! Good luck!

  4. Jess says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about what category your BMI puts you into. It would be great for you to lose weight if you think it would improve your health, and I totally support that, but BMI is a flawed statistic that doesn’t take into account individual body structure. In fact, some studies show that having a BMI that puts you in the “overweight” category might actually be healthier than being in the “normal” category. So, yes, losing some weight would be great, but don’t freak out too much about the whole BMI thing. You may also want to check out:



  5. Nanette says:

    Hey! I just started a very similar program today, too! It’s an 8-week program through our local hospital, led by a registered dietician. My mother-in-law did the last series (and lost 35 lbs. – she has a lot to lose). She offered to pay for me to take it since she knows I want to lose weight, too. I’m excited about it! Good luck!

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