Sleep Training

Sleep training is going really well for nap times. Lucy is usually ready for a nap an hour or so after she wakes up, and when I see her rubbing her eyes or yawning, I put her in her room. Usually she’ll cry for a couple of minutes, although there have been days when she didn’t fuss at all, and then she’ll fall right asleep. It’s nice getting her on some kind of schedule, even though our days aren’t always the same.

Now, I’m working on sleep training at night. We don’t have a problem with her sleeping through the night. She sleeps in 10-12 hour stretches. But, we’ve gotten into a habit of letting her fall asleep while we’re holding her and then putting her in her room. While she either stays asleep or goes right back to sleep if she wakes up, I know it’s good to start putting her to bed while she’s still awake so she can learn to soothe herself. It’s been going well so far, with the exception of tonight because she was super gassy. She usually fusses for just a few minutes at the most before falling asleep.

I told Joe we’re not having another kid. There’s no way we’ll have a second one who sleeps as well as Lucy.

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  1. Maggie says:

    That is great that it is going so well.

    I want to get Ethan on a better day time schedule – he does really well at night though so I can’t complain.

  2. Amy says:

    That last line is something I have said. My daughter is 16 months old now and she’s been STTN since 6 weeks old. I’ve never had any issues getting her to sleep or nap.
    I know when we have a second, it’s gonna be like night and day.

  3. Sounds like my little girl, Aubrey. I wish she was on a more predictable schedule, but she sleeps so long at night I feel like I shouldn’t complain. Our issue is starting a bedtime routine since it seems like she goes to sleep at different times each night. in due time i suppose!

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