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So, I finally joined a mom’s group. That’s a big thing for me since I’m super shy, and it’s really hard for me to get to know people. I’ve only gone to a couple of meetups so far since work and Lucy napping tends to get in the way, and it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve enjoyed meeting the moms, and Lucy really enjoys seeing the other kids. I can tell she really wants to get down and run around with them. I love all the various events, like playing at the park, going to area attractions and indoor play areas, and mom’s nights out. I’m going to my first mom’s night out in a couple of weeks, and I’m really excited (although I know I’ll miss being home with Joe and Lucy).

I know some of you guys are in mom’s groups. What are your favorite events to attend?

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  1. Liz says:

    I love the mom’s night out events because you actually get to talk to other moms without kids to attend to. I know a few moms who aren’t really into those types of evenings, but I think they are great. We do pedis sometimes, or bunco, or just a potluck type dinner. It’s always tons of fun. I think you’ll enjoy it!

    I also love our park days. There’s no commitment, but there are two park days every week so we try to make one. Gets us out of the house!

  2. glass beads says:

    i like mom’s event too. real love here

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