The Battle of the Sippy Cup

We are starting the process of trying to get Lucy to drink out of a sippy cup. Our pediatrician says she wants Lucy off formula and on milk by 11 1/2 months, which gives us about 1 1/2 months now to get Lucy transitioned to a sippy cup. I’m sure it’s not a big deal if she stays on formula a little longer but, honestly, I’m ready to stop buying formula! It gets quite expensive.

We’ve tried several kinds of sippy cups. We’ve tried putting her formula in her sippy cup. The latter has gotten her to drink a tad from it, but she’d rather starve at this point than use a sippy cup. The odd thing is that she will drink and drink from a sippy cup with our babysitter’s daughter. I don’t get it!

However, while she won’t drink from it yet, she will pick it up off the floor, bring it to her mouth and then chew on it. At least she can do that, huh??

So, now I’m looking for some advice. What are some tricks you guys used to get your kids to drink from a sippy cup?

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