Our New Cat

We have a new cat. At least, we sort of do.

This cat started showing up at our house about a week ago. He is skin and bones and, since he is the spitting image of my cat who ran away and never returned when my family first moved to Tennessee in 1994, I obviously wanted to keep him. However, my husband is the voice of reason, and he reminded me that we really cannot have four cats, two adults and one crazy bebe in our house right now.

So, Pumpkin II, as I have named him in honor of my missing cat, is now our outdoor cat. He shows up just about every day, and we put out food for him. I am just assuming the cat is a male, but I digress. He’s super sweet and not skittish at all. He comes right up to me, though I’m a little nervous to touch him since I don’t know his background or what diseases, if any, he has.

I don’t know how long this guy will stick around, but if he’s still here when we buy a bigger house, we’ll probably be taking him with us. 🙂

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