Shoe Problems

I think I’m going to need to go shopping for some new shoes pretty soon.

My feet grew during pregnancy. It’s so funny because foot growth isn’t really a pregnancy symptom that I thought of, but it definitely happened for me. I noticed it the first time when I bought some new flip flops this summer and picked a size larger than I usually wear. And, honestly, I probably could have gone up another size.

Then, on Saturday, I planned on wearing my super cute closed toes black pumps that have little bows on the side to a funeral, but when I put them on my toes were SQUISHED! I wore them when I walked out to get the mail, and that was painful enough.

So, now I think I need to find some new dressy shoes for winter (whenever the cold weather decides to head into our area, that is). I have a few places to look on my list, like mbt shoes.

Did any of you notice your feet grow a size or so from pregnancy??

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