loving the three-day weekends

i thought it was sunday all day yesterday. i’m not used to having three day weekends, but how nice they are when they pop up. saturday joe and i napped a lot of the day before getting ready to have dinner and a movie at my place with my friend julisa and her boyfriend. on sunday we had lunch at my grandparents’ to celebrate my grandma’s birthday, my parents’ anniversary and my brother’s girlfriend’s birthday. then we drove back to cartersville, hung out with joe’s friend jon and then went to bed.

yesterday was not the ideal memorial day. i know many people plan outdoor activities, and we were no exception. we were going to spend the afternoon at the park with a picnic and our frisbee and books, but it drizzled all day long. instead, we went out to lunch, watched movies, played a card game and napped until joe left to go to a concert in atlanta with his friend, brandon. i stayed at joe’s with the diz, did some laundry he needed for today and watched romy and michelle’s high school reunion and romy and michelle in the beginning (yes, i’m a dork).

i also learned your not supposed to put ties in the washer (please hold your laughter back to a minimum). i didn’t know this. joe had a tie in the laundry basket, so i figured it needed to be washed and in it went. well. i think i may have ruined it. he said he’s going to take it to the dry cleaners and see if they can fix it, but i feel terrible. it’s probably something i should have known, but at least i’ll never do it again now!

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  1. Joe says:

    The tie will survive. And at least we got to spend loads of time together. Crazy girl!

  2. Katy says:

    bwahahahaha oh wait, we were not supposed to laugh? You so silly.

  3. Kate says:

    Oh.My.God. First the RA and now this??? AHAHAHAHAHA I totally did that too! When we first got our kitties, Danny’s tie rack fell on the floor of the closet and the kitties peed on the ties I threw them in the washer. Danny said I was a huge dork not to know that you can’t do that!!! Oh well, live and learn.

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