the world is coming to an end

at least that’s how it seems here. weather forecasters are predicting a “wintry mix” for tonight, which can include snow, sleet or freezing rain. that means it’s time to stock up on bread and milk. i stopped by the k-roger tonight to get fabric softener, and it was just insane. i had to park almost at the back of the lot, and had to navigate around buggy after buggy filled to the brim with food. one employee was restocking the bread, and a lot of the milk was missing from the coolers.
i’m from maryland, and up there if a wintry mix is predicted, it means business as usual. the schools hardly ever closed, unless there was so much snow the roads were closed, and there was never a mad dash to the supermarket. it wasn’t winter there without ice and snow, and that’s how we liked it.

i think some of the people here probably are reliving the blizzard of ’93 in their minds and are preparing for the worst. we didn’t move until the next year, but i can understand how tonight’s forecast would worry some people. i just think it’s funny. if the weather does get bad, however, they might get the last laugh.

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