The Sinus Infection from Hell

It’s been a long week. It all started Tuesday when I was heading to the babysitter to drop off Lucy. I started to feel like I had a sinus infection, such as head and ear pressure. Luckily, my ENT office was able to squeeze me in, even though it meant I had to see the NP. She originally thought I was just having bad allergies (right, because I don’t know how my body reacts to a sinus infection….), but she was wrong. I had a sinus infection. And, guess what? I am the lucky winner of a CT scan next month to determine if I need sinus surgery. Hooray.

But, it doesn’t end there. I came home and relaxed until Joe and Lucy got home, and by that evening, I was achy and was freezing even though I was running a fever. A sinus infection with flu symptoms is the worst possible thing I have gone through. It has been a miserable week. I was at the point where I was ready to drive to my ENT’s office and demand they do the surgery RIGHT THEN.

Thankfully, the antibiotics finally seem to be starting to work. I love me some antibiotics. At least I didn’t have to get any tretinoin cream.

So, I am praying the CT scan shows I need surgery. Friends have told me they’ve had good results from it, and Joe hasn’t had any problems since his sinus surgery last year. Sure, the recovery isn’t a lot of fun, but if it means not getting a sinus infection every month, I’m all for it.

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