1 day to go

seriously, one day? i can’t believe how fast everything’s gone and that we’re moving tomorrow. i thought the closing process would take much longer, but i’m glad the sellers want to move fast. that’s just less time spent waiting and dreaming about owning our own home.

we have so many ideas for the place. joe is so cute…he’s already thinking of improvements to do. yesterday, he did the sweetest thing. he came by my work and brought a card he had just bought. he told me he wanted us each to write something in it to the other and then he will mail it so it will be one of the first pieces of mail we get at our new place. awww.

and now, i’m off to a morning meeting. blech. here’s hoping i get out in enough time to make it to part of the final walk-through.

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  1. Felicia says:

    Seriously…could your husband BE anymore romantic? Does he have a twin? lol You are one lucky woman!

  2. k says:

    yay to moving day! good luck

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