Being 13 Again

There’s nothing like being 13 years old again with a stadium full of 30-year-old women doing the same thing.

That’s how it was at the NKOTBSB concert last month. New Kids on the Block have always been “special” to me, so to speak, because it was the first concert I attended. My dad took me as a reward for getting straight A’s on my report card, and he sat through the entire concert. Then, after the fact, he found out there was a parents room where the other adults spent the time eating and watching TV. But, he says he wouldn’t have joined the other parents anyway because it was our daddy-daughter night. Yep, he’s a great dad. So, at the last two NKOTB concerts I’ve gone to, I’ve called him and let him hear one of the songs to reminisce. It’s fun.

But, I digress. The concert was all kinds of awesome. I went with my sister-in-law, and one of my friends brought her friend. My friend actually got the tickets for us from a friend at Ticketmaster, so we had fabulous seats. And, when I mean fabulous, I mean we were in the second row at the secondary stage that sticks out into the audience.

And now, the pictures.

The girls! And, yes, this is us standing in front of the stage.










Yes, he’s looking right at me in this picture!


Loved the jerseys they rocked out at the end of the show, including the ATL jerseys!!




I already can’t wait for the next concert.

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  1. Nanette says:


    So jealous of your amazing seats!

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