Heading toward Potty Training

I think Lucy might be getting ready to start potty training. The other day, she pulled off her diaper, and when I asked if she had to go potty, she ran into the bathroom and pointed at the toilet. I sat her on it, but she didn’t do anything. However, I wonder if that means she’s inching toward being ready to start potty training.

We’ve talked about getting a potty to keep in the bathroom for her to sit on, but as we thought about it, we realized we’d have to clean poop out of it, which isn’t really appealing. 🙂 So, we’ve been thinking recently about getting a potty seat to put on our toilet and then get one of those step stools with handles so Lucy can climb up on it. I wonder how feasible that would be, though, since our house only has one bathroom.

What did you do when you started potty training? Did you use a little potty or a potty seat on your toilet?

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  1. Amber says:

    I’m totally interested to hear what people have to say. Our sitter has a small potty on the floor, but I thought we’d go straight to a seat that you put on the toilet. We haven’t done either yet, so I can’t wait to hear your readers opinions!

  2. Morgan says:

    Silas was my youngest and we started when he was about 23 months. With the bigger boys we used the potty chairs and they are not fun to clean out. Yuck! With Silas we actually didn’t use anything. We’d just kind of sit him towards the edge and have him hold onto our shoulders. So much better to clean and he never had a problem with it. (I’ve also used the potty seats that sit on the toilet, but it was kind of a pain to take on and off and keep clean.)

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