Swimmin’ Machine

Last weekend, we headed to South Carolina to celebrate Nana’s birthday. A 4-hour trip isn’t a lot of fun with an active 19-month-old who doesn’t want to be sitting for said four hours, but we made it.

On Saturday, we hung around Nana’s house. Joe, Lucy and I took a long nap since Lucy can’t sleep in new places anymore, so she and Joe didn’t get any sleep Friday night. Apparently, Joe didn’t get much sleep during the nap either, since Lucy had to sleep on him again, so we ended up heading back home Saturday night. He didn’t want to go another night with no sleep.

That evening, we headed over to Teri and Rob’s, Joe’s mom’s cousins, for dinner to celebrate Nana and Arlene’s (Nana’s sister-in-law’s) birthdays. We had a blast, and Lucy couldn’t wait to get in the pool! She LOVED the raft and wanted to be on it ALL.THE.TIME. We called her the Queen of the Nile.




We actually got a good shot of all the kids/grandkids, including one with CHEESEFACE!



And, of course, Lucy got in some good swimming time. She really impressed everyone, and I was glad to see that she still remembers things from last summer. She can kick really well (obviously), and she still knows how to use her arms, which surprised me. She loves the water.




I was also impressed by the fact that she rolled off the raft several times and went under the water, and when we pulled her up she acted like nothing had happened and was ready to go again. That’s my girl!

On Sunday, we took her to our local community pool to get some more swim time in. As expected, she had a blast there as well. I got some good swimming time in both days as well, which is really good exercise. Maybe I won’t need to check out buyphenphedrine.com to help me lose this weight if we start going to the pool on Sundays!

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  1. Amber says:

    I’m totally impressed watching her in the pool! I really need to get Drake into swimming lessons or at least starting working with him more.

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