the vet

i may never go back to the animal hospital where we had sasha put to sleep. we usually like the vets there, and it has a very good reputation, but the vet we had friday pushed me over the edge.

joe had made an appointment to talk to the vet about our options. who *doesn’t* do that? it’s not like we’re going to make a decision to kill our cat without making sure there is absolutely *no* way we can keep her.

apparantly, we’re the only ones who think that way. the vet came in and greeted us with a gruff, “why are you here?”

joe explained that we needed to decide what to do with sasha.

“you’ve had all day to decide, so what’s it going to be?” the vet asked rudely. (i just can’t get his rude tone across through here unfortunately.)

we told him that one vet at the clinic told us he would never put a cat down with leukemia and had actually kept one even though he had other cats. this other vet was very much for putting sasha down. we told him we were confused with the conflicting opinons. he told us there was no conflict. whatever.

after being rushed into it, we decided to put her down. we asked when it would be and said we wanted to be there because, really, who wants their pets to die alone? sasha was a member of our family, and she was not going to be alone for this. he looked at his watch, and he huffed and he puffed and was like, “fine, but we’ll have to do it right now.”

we asked if we could see her for a few minutes first. that got us more huffing and puffing because apparantly it is an incredible burden to say goodbye to your pet. he didn’t even care that i was crying. joe dared to ask if they had any treats we could give her, and i thought he was going to bite joe’s head off!

once he came in to put her to sleep, he seemed a *little* nicer, but not much. i thought vets were nice and compassionate when having to do this kind of thing. when my family’s cat, colby, died, joe and i went by the vet’s office to see him because i had actually found him at my college and brought him home. the techs and the vet there were super nice and let us spend as much time with him as we wanted. that’s how vets should be.

when my dad had to put down elvis, whom he tamed from a wild cat, the vet was compassionate and said kind, reassuring things to my dad and brothers.

joe said our vet probably had a bad day and was just really busy. i don’t care. there is no excuse for being rude, *especially* when you are about to kill someone’s pet. he crossed the line with me.

now i’m looking for a new animal hospital, one where i will feel welcomed by nice employees at the front desk and one with a vet who actually cares about his patients.

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  1. Felicia says:

    I am so sorry Cady. I am crying right now after reading all you went through. I have a son, but my cat is also like my baby. I would be heartbroken. And you are absolutely right about that vet. Bad day or not, he should have been more professional and caring than that. Owners and pets have feelings too. I’m sorry for your loss.

  2. Alyndabear says:

    That’s terrible — there is no excuse, as a veterinarian he should know better, that horrible choices are difficult for the pet owners. I’m so sorry that he made a terrible situation even worse. After I had put Bella in for her surgery, the vet was so nice; he called me to tell me what he had found, he gave me his honest opinion when I said I didn’t know what to do, and he told us that he could make her ‘at peace’ while she was already under anaesthetic so she would feel no pain waking up. It was so sad to not say goodbye, but I would have felt horrible for her waking up and being in pain. You guys made the right decision, and even though the pain is still going to stick around, you will get through this. *hugs* If you need to talk more about it, give me a holler.

  3. Chas says:

    I agree that you should switch vets, but I also think that you should def. write that hospital a very polite, yet matter of fact letter explaining that they just lost a valuable customer, considering you have other pets. When you are in a service related field you must have good people skills, especially when you’re dealing with situations that people keep so close to their heart. Good grief, he needs a good kick in the pants, and I’m sure the hospital he works for would like to know, not to mention the fact that it may give him a wakeup call if he knows.

  4. Oh my god, that is so sad. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience with that vet. I used to work for a specialized animal hospital in San Diego, and one of the vets was sooo mean. He was one of the reasons I decided to change course and not pursue veterinary school.

    Good luck finding someone new. And I do agree with Chas! Write them a letter – someone should be aware how that vet is treating customers.

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