mountains and rain

joe and i are headed to his parents’ cabin in the mountains this weekend. it’ll be the first time we’ve spent a weekend there by ourselves, and we’re really excited. it’s always so relaxing up there, so we’re going to take a bunch of movies, bubble bath (because our tub has stains on it and i have this thing about refusing to take a bath in tubs that are not sparkling and brand-new) and just have a nice, quiet weekend. we may float down the river with friends of the family too. we haven’t decided yet.

we had a torrential storm here the other night. it rained hard, but sadly not enough to make a step toward recovering our dried out grass and plants. because it was also windy, the rain came in horizontally, soaking everything under our carport, even though we’d moved the boxes far enough away from the edge. it really made me mad. i spent yesterday taking things out of ruined boxes and hoping the boxes of encyclopedias didn’t get too wet. sigh. it’s just one more thing to motivate us to hurry and finish emptying those boxes. it’s just hard when we’re never home for a whole weekend. we’re just such busy, popular people. 🙂

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  1. Joe says:

    Is it Friday yet? I’m ready to leave now!

  2. the wifey says:

    oooh! the mountains! i hope you guys have a blast. i love going to the mountains and i think my husband and i will be going after he gets home from deployment. i wish you tons of relaxation and a fun time enjoying your hubby =)

  3. Laurel says:

    Lucky you!! My parents have a great and relaxing cabin, but, unfortunately, it is in Minnesota. 🙁

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