New Neighbors

So, our across the street neighbor moved out. I had kind of mixed feelings about it because he was nice and quiet, but it also meant we wouldn’t have to take his girlfriend to bail him out of jail again and that the sex offender who was living with him would be gone. Hallelujah.

We were told his mom or some relative was moving in. OK. Cool. Yeah, I’m not sure WHAT relative exactly moved in, but whoever it is brought about 4-5 to live in this three-bedroom house.

And, there went our quiet, peaceful street. The kids put their basketball hoop IN FRONT OF our neighbor’s driveway and leave their bikes ON his driveway. (He is fixing up the house to rent it out so he doesn’t live here.) They leave their bikes in front of our driveway. (Cue angry, sick woman.) The young kids play in the street all day (nevermind all the traffic we get from the road because people always come up here to turn around). And, when we try to back out of our driveway, they just stand behind our car because, well, obviously they have the right of way. Yesterday, Joe almost hit on of their bikes. Yeah, he was not happy about that.

It’s only been a few days, and I’m already over the new neighbors. Instead of coming into the neighborhood and looking to make friends, they act like they own the place. I have to wonder why the parents aren’t parenting. I can tell you, I would let Lucy have it if she ever acted like that.

So, now, we wait until a bike or a child gets hit. Maybe then the parents will do something about their children.

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