What’s Cooking Wednesday: Cady’s Pasta Salad

Pasta salad is my go-to dish whenever we go to a potluck or have friends over. It’s super simple to make, a dish I always have ingredients for in my stockpile and I always get compliments on it.

And, it’s a dish that you can do pretty much anything with. I whipped up a batch yesterday to go with the hamburgers (hubby’s) and portabello mushrooms (mine) that we grilled out for dinner because in my mind, nothing is a better side dish for a cookout than pasta salad. My recipe makes up a HUGE batch of pasta salad (because we eat it like it’s going out of style), so you can half it if you don’t want as much.

2 boxes tri-color rotini
1 bottle Italian salad dressing
1 large can sliced olives
1-2 stalks broccoli
Several handfuls cherry tomatoes

1. Cook pasta according to directions on box.
2. Put into bowl and toss with salad dressing.
3. Add olives, broccoli and tomatoes.
4. Chill in refrigerator.

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