Mommy-Daughter Date

Whenever I go to my rheumatologist, it ends up being a several hour affair. I’m still getting used to my new doctor who really takes his time during appointments rather than rushing through as my last doctor did.

I had Lucy with me today, which really isn’t a big deal – unless you have to get x-rays done. And, guess what I was told had to happen after my appointment? Yeah. Obviously, Lucy couldn’t go in with me, so we set her up in the infusion room so she could watch cartoons. She was A-OK.

I was kind of stressed out during the x-rays and the bone density scan because, you know, I couldn’t see her. She wasn’t crying, which was good. I was sure she was OK.

When I finished, I found her curled up in one of the big infusion chairs, her hand over her head. I thought she was sleeping at first, but when I got closer, I saw that she wasn’t. I asked if she was watching TV.

“No. I scared. I hiding from people.”

Broke. My. Heart. I seriously felt like the worst mom ever.

After we left, we headed across the street for my lab work and then trekked back home. Lucy fell asleep not long into our drive so, instead of stopping to eat like we had discussed, I phoned in a take-out order to Chili’s and quickly ran in to get it.

But, when I got back to the car (I parked in front of the door and kept my eyes on it the entire time), Lucy was awake and adamant that we go in for our mommy-daughter date. So, after having just picked up a meal, we went in to eat. I was kind of embarrassed since, you know, there were only two servers working, and I’m pretty sure they recognized me, but my kiddo was SO happy to be on a date with Mommy. That outweighed all the embarrassment.

And, we had a GREAT time. I can’t wait for another actual lunch out together!

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