Week in Smart Phone Pics ~ 13/52

Wow – I have a lot of pictures for you this week! Many are from our surprise trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s Saturday night – I don’t think I will EVER forget Lucy’s reaction when she saw where we were going. She LOVES that place!

Last week we:


  • Did puzzles
  • Got our new Easter basket
  • Hid from pictures
  • Celebrated Passover (you love Joe’s locust mask, don’t you??)
  • Showed off our loot from selling the afikomen
  • Snuggled the night before Mommy’s birthday
  • Had a Crayola Pox scare
  • Enjoyed a piece of chocolate fudge cake for Mommy’s birthday (OK, so only Mommy enjoyed it since Lucy was in bed and Daddy couldn’t eat cake for Passover!)
  • And, had our picture taken in front of the Wes-Man’s truck for Mommy’s birthday (he paints people’s names for birthdays and other celebrations that are called in).

We also:


  • Got new Belle slippers (they’re kind of creepy, right??)
  • Completely mismatched our PJs
  • Walked around town like a redneck (leotard and sneakers, anyone??)
  • Danced like no one was watching
  • Had a princess tea party with Prince Daddy
  • Drew our first face (pretty darn good for a 3-year-old, huh??)
  • Spent time drawing at our new desk
  • Celebrated Easter at church
  • And, Mommy got her awesome new Julep box!

And, we:


  • Posed for pictures
  • And, had a ridiculously good time at Chuck E. Cheese’s (When Chuck E. comes out, it’s like a toddler rock concert, y’all! My kiddo was heard shouting, “Chuck E.!! I LOVE YOU!!!”)!

What did you do last week? I’m linking up with Living Like the Kings!

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  1. Jessica says:

    Omg…I love her redneck picture!!! Hilarious! 🙂 you guys had a fun week!!! Happy belated birthday!

  2. Carrie T says:

    Oh how I love the tea party picture!! That’ll be one to keep forever!!

  3. Kat says:

    hhahahha that facemask is awesome

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