Climbing, Sliding, Jumping, Riding!

Boy, did we have fun the last three weeks that the carnival was in town! It was only supposed to be here for two weeks, but its next location got rained out so we lucked out with an extra week of fun!

We took Lucy 3 or 4 times, and the last time we went, we got Joe and Lucy wristbands for the day. My kiddo had a BLAST! Her favorite ride? The roller coaster! She is a girl after  her Daddy’s own heart! She also loved the Scrambler and the 30-foot slide, among other rides.

I didn’t go on any of the rides because I’m scared of roller coasters (even the ones like this one that was only as high as I am tall), and I get sick on other rides. But, I had SO much fun watching Joe and Lucy have a blast together. Seriously. It was awesome.







What’s your favorite carnival ride??

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