former new york mayor and lifelong yankees fan rudy guiliani said yesterday he’s hoping the boston red sox win the world series. he says he wants an american league team to win. obviously it was purely a political move, as he was speaking in boston. there is some major hatred between the two teams and the fact that if you’re a die hard yankees fan you don’t cheer for the red sox under any circumstances, and same goes for red sox fans. it’s like us here in atlanta — we *hate* the mets. if the mets were in the world series there is no way we would want them to win, even if they were representing the national league. that’s what happens when you’re a true baseball fan.

that said, i’m really excited about the world series starting tonight. i think it’ll be a great one. at this point, i don’t know who i want to win. i really like the red sox, and i consider them one of my favorite teams, but i also like the fact that the rockies weren’t even expected to make the playoffs and here they are with 21 wins in their last 22 games. i’ll be happy with whoever wins, i guess. i think the red sox will pull it off though. they have strong pitching and hitting, where the rockies have only good hitters. i couldn’t tell you the name of one of their starting pitchers.

it’s going to be a great week. i love postseason baseball.

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  1. sara says:

    What a game last night too huh? 13 runs? Might be a quick post season….

  2. Laurel says:

    I’m rooting for the Rockies because I know a lot of Coloradoans. People in NYC where pissed that Rudy said he’d root for the Sox. Nevah!

  3. jenny says:

    Okay. Whoa now. You don’t know who you want to win?!?!?!?!

    Let me just give you a hint.

    They wear Sox.

    That are Red.

    If you need more info, just ask I’m here for yeh Cady. Always willing to help 🙂

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