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joe and i want a wii. we really want one. one of our friends has one, my brother has one and joe’s sister has one, and now we’re really wanting to get on the wii train. our friend jon brought his over a while ago, and i was addicted to the sports games. i know they’re totally simple and the graphics aren’t complex, but i loved them. plus, i’m sure i could get a good workout by playing them every day. 🙂

besides those games, i am *dying* to get guitar hero. i’ve been addicted ever since new year’s eve when tim and mindy brought their playstation and guitar hero for us all to play. as i said then, i thought at first that it was going to be a dumb, dorky game, but i really got into it. even though i *sucked* at it (it takes practice to get the buttons and the strumming down!), i couldn’t get enough of it. we went searching new year’s day for a version for the original xbox, which is the game console we have, but as it turns out, that’s the only console guitar hero wasn’t made for. i was bummed out the rest of the day.

so, as i said, we want a wii. we were talking to my brother about it, and he said they’re still hard to get in stores. i have yet to understand why they just don’t produce enough to meet the demand. at any rate, i’ve entered into a few contests to try to win a wii, but, obviously, haven’t won yet. now, charter is having an auction for a wii. it’s not the same as winning it, but it’s a chance nonetheless. besides, it comes with a lot: the wii Console, wii Stand, 5 sports games (boxing, baseball, tennis, golf and bowling), 1 remote controller, 1 nunchuk controller, 1 sensor bar, 1 wii ac adapter and 1 wii av cable. so, if any of you want a wii too, here’s a good chance! click here for a chance to win a nintendo® wii™!

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  1. s.t says:

    i love the wii. it really is a great group game too and wii tennis would definitely give you an decent workout. guitar hero is so fun, but i can only play on the easy level, ha

  2. Jessica says:

    We just got our Wii on Sunday!!! I’ve been waiting forever, it was supposed to be my Christmas present, and then my birthday present, but all of our waiting FINALLY paid off!! Guitar Hero, Mario Galaxy, and the Simpson’s games are the best so far. It’s been really hard to find one, especially because I live in a “weird” area, but it was soooo worth the wait! You’ll get one, just keep looking! I promise, it’s worth the wait!

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