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ever since i moved to cartersville, i’ve really missed my friends. they all live in chattanooga, and when i lived in dalton it was a lot easier to see them. it was a pretty short drive, so none of us really minded the drive.

now, though, i rarely get to see them. it’s between an hour and an hour and a half drive each way, so really the best we can do is meet halfway in dalton. i really want to make some new friends here, but i just don’t know how. i work a lot of nights, and i really don’t know where we could go to meet some new people. it would be really nice to have some couple friends that we could hang out with. i even tried to find friends online on the couple spot, but couldn’t find any couples in our immediate area. i’m definitely going to keep checking back to that site, though. it’s really neat because you not only search by the area where you live, but you can also search by hobbies to find couples who enjoy doing the same things you do. that is so important when you are finding friends to hang out with. if you don’t enjoy the same things, the friendship will never work.

i think it’s important to have a good group of friends, both individually and as a couple. how did you and/or your hubby meet your friends?

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  1. Chas says:

    Truthfully, we don’t have that many couple friends, at least not ones we hand out with often. We have Jason’s best friend…he’s not married and has no girlfriend. We have my good friend, Travis, who is not married and has no girlfriend. We don’t hang out with them nearly as much now that we have kids. We have one couple whom we don’t hang out w/ often b/c he’s a resident and constantly working. Another couple the husband is a youth minister and his job keeps him super busy on weekends. We also don’t make much of an effort a lot of the time. I wish we were better at that.

  2. Church is a great place to meet friends, so is school (you could take a photography class or something), wine tastings, cooking classes… anywhere “date” like… just don’t seem TOO eager, it’s just like dating! Hee 🙂 I met an awesome girl at one of my yoga classes and just said, “Hey! We should BBQ one day or something!” and things went on from there (I ended up not really “clicking” with her in the long run, but ya know what I mean…)

  3. alyndabear says:

    I’m still trying to figure that one out. It’s a little lonely in London!

  4. jenny says:

    We totally had my husband’s friends as our ‘couple friends’ for a long, long time. The group included their girlfriends (who they later married) but I still felt like it was just the guys and the girls had to all make nice.

    Once we had kids, it all changed slowly. I took a different job and met someone there, I met my best friend through a mother’s club ten years ago(although we’ve only been, what I would consider best friends for the past three or four years) and now our best couple friends are other families we’ve met through hockey.

    I do, occasionally, go to a knitting group with some girls from work too. They’ve invited me into their little circle and they’re a nice bunch but I’m the youngest one by far and I wouldn’t say I’m close with any of them. Same with my book club bunch, although I’m a bit closer with them.

  5. Liz says:

    I know this is not what you want here, but I was in the same boat as you until Ava was born. I totally felt like all of my friends were in SF while I was out in the East Bay. Once I had Ava though, I’ve now made a few close friends with kids. has been my saving grace!

    So I’m sure I’m going to word this all wrong, but once you get pregnant & have your little one, then I know it will be easier to meet other moms. Plus, you’ll have more time on your hands then if you don’t go back to work.

    I really hope I didn’t just say all wrong thing there.

  6. JMJ697MN says:

    I really know what you mean. When DH and I got married, we bought a house an hour and a half away from all of my friends and family. It was really difficult, especially at first. I work in a tiny office, so I don’t have many friends here. However, I did start scrapbooking at my LSS, and have met so many nice people there. Not so much for the “couples” thing, but we live in my hubby’s hometown, so he has lots of friends here. It’s so hard to meet people at our age, I think. So many people I know already have children, and we don’t yet. And it’s not that we can’t be friends, but our lives are so different, ya know? Good luck, and I hope you can meet some nice people. I wish we lived by each other, we could totally hang out and scrapbook and play Wii. :):):):)

  7. jamie says:

    when my hubby was deployed and we were newlyweds, i volunteered A LOT – at church, with a girls running group, with the spouse club on base, etc. you name it, i was there. now that we have moved to a new city, we joined a “young marrieds” bible study at church and started finding some friends there. we are also lucky because several of our friends were also transferred here with us, so it was like having insta-friends in a brand new city.

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