i think i’m supposed to be proud …

joe found out today that he is the worst science fiction writer in the world. he won the science fiction section of the annual bulwer-lytton fiction contest. the contest is named after the man who created the “it was a dark and stormy night” line, which is known as the worst writing ever. to enter, writers have to submit the worst beginnnig line to a book that they can come up with. after three years of entering, joe finally won! apparently, this contest gets national media attention, so he may be interviewed on cnn!

joe called me while i was on my way home from work tonight and said, “guess what! i’m the worst science fiction writer in the world!”

i guess i’m supposed to be proud. 🙂

here’s the winning entry:

Timothy Hanson, Commander of the 43rd Space Regiment in the 52nd Battalion on board the USAOPAC (United Space Alliance Of Planets Attack Carrier) and second in command to Admiral L.R. Morris of the USAOP Space Command, awoke early for breakfast.

it is pretty bad, isn’t it? it takes talent to come up with something like that, i think. way to go, honey!

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  1. stacey says:

    It’s that invaluable GSU education put to work!
    Congrats, Joe!

  2. jae says:

    Wow, that’s an eyefull! Way to go! ~j

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