Obama Projected to Win

With the West Coast ballots still to be counted, news organizations are saying that Barack Obama will be the United States’ 44th President. He is projected to receive 297 electoral votes to John McCain’s 146 votes. However, the popular vote was quite close with only a 2 million vote margin. Winning Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia is what put Obama over the top. Never has a President lost Ohio and gone on to win the presidency.

It will be interesting to see what happens when Obama takes the helm. Not only will a Democrat be the President, but the Democrats will hold the majority in the U.S. Congress and Senate. I’m not a fan of one party holding that much power. I’ve always been more in favor of the party opposite of that represented by the President having the majority in Congress.

I can’t wait until tomorrow morning to see how the numbers actually turned out. I was quite surprised here in Georgia to see that most of our polls were incorrect. It had been projected that our U.S. Senate seat would go to a runoff, but our incumbent has already been called the winner in that race. That’s one reason I don’t put too much stock in polls.

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