checking off the checklist

i can finally relax. we found co-officiants for the wedding. the young adult pastor at my church and a cantor from atlanta have agreed to perform the ceremony, and my grandfathers, who are both adventist pastors, will give homilies. it will be very nice — most likely a little longer than anticipated, but nice. we have to do pre-marital counseling with both officiants, so we should be the world’s best prepared couple when we’re finished.

last night was a very relaxing end to an otherwise hectic week. we met after work at los reyes, our favorite mexican restaurant. we got our usual waiter, and he greeted us with an exhuberant, “hola amigos!”

“hola!” i replied.

our waiter has my order down. i always choose the same thing: a chimichanga with beans instead of meat, no cheese or sour cream, and a side of rice. joe decided to change his order up. after our yummy meal and discussion of politics, we headed out to browse around target for a bit and then decided to get joe’s finger sized at friedman’s. when we arrived, joe said, “i need to get sized.”

the clerk said, “for what?”

“what else do you guys size here?” joe asked.

the three girls sitting behind the counter laughed.

after that, we decided to hit up brusters, a yummy ice cream stand in town. i usually get a peanut butter cup — vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, chocolate, whipped cream and a cherry — but this time opted for an orero blast. joe chose an oreo milkshake. yum. we walked around a bit while eating our ice cream (because calories don’t count if you burn them off while you take them in, right??), but we ended up not eating much of our very overpriced desserts. oh well. it was still a very nice evening, one we may have to repeat more often.

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