Pink or Blue?

Three weeks from today we will *hopefully* find out if we’ve got a Smudge or a Smudgette. They seem to think they can tell at 16 weeks. I just hope Smudgie cooperates, unlike our last u/s when it was bopping all over the place.

I have to say, I’m pretty much on the fence about it. I don’t really seem to have a mother’s intuition about what we’re having. Some days I think girl, other days I think boy. Seeing how active it was on the u/s made me think it was a boy because, well, it was just so active. Joe has thought it was a girl since we got our BFP. Now, he thinks it may be a boy. It’s going to be a long three weeks.

For those of you have kids or who are pregnant and know what you’re having, did you have a sense of what it was before you found out, and were you right? Oh, and make sure you vote in our poll on the sidebar! It will be interesting to see what you all think Smudgie is and who is right!

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  1. Joe says:

    It’s going to be a girl…no boy… no girl…definitely… I don’t know.

  2. connie says:

    W/all 3 of my pregnancies, @ 1st I thought girl~only because girls are so fun to dress up & stores have such *cute* girl clothes (but now, they have adorable boy clothes as well!). But I have 2 boys now so, apparently, I have no instinct when it comes to gender šŸ˜‰

    I have a link that I’ll go grab that explains a “needle test” you can do & I did it w/all my pregnancies & it was 100% accurate. I’ll go grab it & come back & leave the link & you can try it šŸ˜‰

  3. connie says:

    I’m back šŸ™‚ Here’s the link for the “needle test” I was talking about. It says on the site to do it w/your hands but I also did it above my belly & it worked that way too.

    Let me know if you do it & what it says šŸ™‚

  4. Stacy C says:

    When I was pregnat with Nicholas I thought that I would have a girl. When I was told at 18 weeks that the baby is a BOY, I was thrilled. All my dreams were changed in that moment but I was okay because I was going to be such a proud Mommy of a little boy!

    Today I am that proud mom of a little boy! Nicholas is mine and Tom’s best achievement ever!

    The day he was born the five years of TTC all vanished. He was worth the wait, tears and joy!

    BEST WISHES to you!

  5. Laura says:

    As you might remember, I thought girl VERY strongly and I was VERY wrong. It shocked me (and even upset me) so much that I am just now starting to get over it. šŸ™‚

  6. k says:

    my friend was certain she was having a girl. she was dreaming it was a girl, her husband, sister, me, cousins all felt very strongly about the gender too. and then it popped out, and it was a boy šŸ™‚

  7. Sadie says:

    This girl I worked with was so convinced she was going to have a girl that when she found out it was a boy she cried. I thought “Shouldn’t you just be happy it’s healthy?” I’m one of those people that I may not want to know what I’m having when I get pregnant. When I was born, the doctors thought I was a boy because of my heartbeat. (I had a heart murmur) But then I turned out to be a girl! My whole family was so surprised. Isn’t the surprise the best part? Anyway, I read the thing you have at the top that says Smudge is squinting and frowning and such. That’s SO cute!!

  8. Lisanne says:

    I’m trying to remember … with Lucas, I kind of thought “girl” at the very beginning, but the day of our ultrasound I looked in the mirror and actually changed my mind ~ I *really* thought it was a boy for some reason. And I was right! šŸ™‚ So yeah, I guess that intuition played a part. I even wore a black-and-white jacket so that when I scrapbooked the event, I would look coordinated in the photos to match the ultrasound printouts! LOL! šŸ™‚ How crazy is that? With Meredith, I can’t really remember. All I can recall is that I was SHOCKED and SO very happy when the ultrasound tech said, “Well, I don’t see anything between the legs!” LOL! šŸ™‚ I felt *so* blessed to have one of each.

  9. connie says:

    I forgot when I commented the 2 times before but I voted on your poll a few days ago~~I voted boy.

  10. Shannon says:

    Lore was even more active than that… and well she is a girl… you also can’t go by the heart beat rate either… I didn’t know with Lore or with this one that it would be a girl… so you aren’t the only one that didn’t have that “mom” radar to figure it out either lol…

  11. Carol says:

    With Jake I thought “boy” and I was right. With Noah, I was convinced it was a girl, and very obviously wrong! With this one, I wasn’t sure. Statistically I had a better chance of having another boy (and I kind of wanted another boy, but I’ve gotten over that, LOL!), but going by the way I was carrying and the amount I was puking (well, according to old wives’ tales anyway), it seemed I was pg with a girl and according to the ultrasound tech — it’s going to be a girl! We’ll all be very surprised on Wed. if it turns out otherwise, LOL!

  12. Laura says:

    For whatever reason, from the minute I had a BFP, I knew it was a boy. Which is crazy because I had always wanted a little girl but something inside me just told me BOY, BOY, BOY! And now, I’m the proud mommy to a cute little 2 year old boy so I guess my intuition was right :)Hope your little one shows you the goods in a couple weeks.

  13. Ashley says:

    I can’t wait to know what you’re having!!! Thanks for the comment…it made me feel better;)

  14. corrin says:

    I think I would want it to be a surprise. My parents didn’t find out with my sister or I.

    And I like the new layout!

  15. nanette says:

    I went back and forth – started thinking it was a boy but went in for the big U/S thinking it was probably a girl.

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