Healthy Halloween Options

The one thing I hate about the places I’ve lived is that I’ve never been able to give out candy on Halloween. I’ve managed to pick apartments or houses in areas where there aren’t many kids and, though I sit in my living room every night on October 31 with my porch light on and a bowl full of candy, I never get to give it out. And, of course, that means I end up eating it.

I’ve never really been one for giving out healthy treats. I remember trick or treating as a kid and tossing the healthy apples or raisins to the side as I dug into the unhealthy but oh-so-yummy miniature sized candy bars. That’s what kids want on Halloween, isn’t it? Something good and chocolatey?

This year, Trick or Treat Me (or, as the adorable kids with lisps would say, Twick or Tweet Me) is starting a campaign to promote yummy yet healthier Halloween snacks — containers of chocolate milk. Not only do kids love chocolate milk, but it’s better for them, and these cartons are even good for the environment. They’re made from paper and have a low carbon footprint. And, they are shelf stable, which means they can be kept in the pantry or in the fridge, which makes them perfect Halloween treats. I’ve never heard of milk before that can be kept in a pantry!

I’d love to give this a shot if I had kids in my neighborhood who would come by. Our next house will definitely need to be in a kid-packed subdivision.


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