a somewhat happy ending

the standoff ended around 7 a.m. i came home around 11 p.m. and headed to bed because i was not feeling well. the girlfriend is in guarded condition at the hospital, the 3-year-old hostage is fine, and the man is now safely behind bars. what an ordeal. i felt bad for the people who lived on that road. they couldn’t go home.

one of the tv cameramen said they should have “jack bauered his ass.” i said that if jack bauer was in charge it would have been over in two seconds. the cameraman goes, “yeah, we’d all be having coffee together right now.” heh.

our home is still a sick house. our poor noses are red and raw, and we’ve gone through a pack of 12 big rolls of toilet paper in the last week trying to blow away the congestion. i now have pink eye. yay. luckily, that justified a call to the on-call doctor. while on the phone with him, joe told him what else is going on with me, so now i have some nice, happy antibiotics waiting for me eckerd. oh, how i *love* antibiotics. the eye drops he called in also will be welcomed. it would be nice to be able to itch my eye again. however, it is fun chasing joe around the house, trying to touch hiim with my tainted hands. he is now in house-husband mode as he is washing everything i’ve touched. i guess that also means the cats. fun times for him!

speaking of cats, julius scratched on the scratching pad *again*.

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  1. Chas says:

    Get well soon!

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