Patients Know Best

I woke up Monday feeling like crap. I knew a sinus infection was coming on because I had my typical symptoms — clogged ears, congestion and pounding in the head. So, off to the doctor I went, with Lucy in tow since her sitter was sick too. I knew I had a sinus infection. I know my body.

So, imagine my surprise when the nurse practitioner told me I had strep throat. I was kind of surprised since my throat didn’t hurt, but she said my throat was covered with the tell-tale white bumps (which Joe confirmed later that night). I asked her if I had a sinus infection as well, and she said I didn’t and that my symptoms were from the strep. I got a prescription for a z-pack and went on my way.

By Wednesday, I was feeling better, but in the evening I noticed the congested feeling coming back in my ears, nose and head. Thursday was worse, and Friday was miserable. I felt like I was in a fog all day and couldn’t concentrate. Somehow, I made it through my newscast, and as soon as I was done, I headed to urgent care.

After about an hour and a half, which included being forced to watch “Hannah Montana: The Movie” in the waiting room (and trying to decide what was worse — being sick or watching that movie), I finally saw the doctor. Sinus infecton? Check. UTI? Check. Strep? Swab was negative but the NP hadn’t given me enough of the antibiotic to completely knock it out, hence the sore throat that had developed. Apparently, instead of the normal z-pack which is two pills the first day and one pill for the next four days, I was supposed to be given one that included two pills a day for the five days.

I was given Levaquin, which the doctor calls a “super antibiotic” and supposedly is like hitting the strep with a bazooka. It also should knock out the other two infections. And, instead of going to my parents’ house today to visit with them, my grandparents, and my brother and his family, we’re here at home because I still feel quite bad. It really pisses me off to know that if the NP had taken me seriously on Monday, I could have gotten antibiotic for the sinus infection and would likely be feeling MUCH better by now and would be able to enjoy this beautiful weekend. And, it pisses me off that she gave me the wrong dose for the strep. My mom, who is a nurse, says that if strep isn’t treated correctly, it can move into the lungs and heart. Now, I know that’s a worst case scenario kind of thing, but I don’t think strep is something to be taken lightly.

The next time I go to my doctor’s office (and, I intend to see the DOCTOR from here on out rather than the NP), I will make sure to fight even harder. I know my body better than they do, and I’m my own best advocate.

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  1. Amber says:

    Bummer! Hope you are feeling better soon.

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