I have a love/hate relationship with makeup. I love to wear it because I definitely feel like I look better with it on, but I hate to wear it because I feel like it melts off of me, especially in the hot summers we have here in Georgia.

I LOVE mineral makeup. It’s pretty much all I wear now, and I don’t seem to “feel” it on me as much as I did before when I wore liquid foundation. I’ve tried a few different kinds of mineral makeup (and have loved them all), but I haven’t tried organic makeup yet. Have any of you tried that?

What are you favorite brands of makeup?

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  1. Kami says:

    BE from sephora. Love the mineral veil!

  2. I’m from Georgia too and I totally know what you mean especially in the summer! I haven’t used mineral make-up just because I’ve always seen it be expensive. I just make sure I don’t put make-up on until closer to the time of the “event” or “get together”. I also keep my make-up in my purse, so I can touch up whenever I needed. 🙂

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