Sinus Surgery, the Sequel

Remember how I had sinus surgery last year? And how not fun the recovery was? Yeah, well, it looks like I’ll get to relive that. Hooray.

Well, it turns out the sinus my doctor operated on last year is completely open and looks perfect. But, the other ones? Not so much. There is not one bit of air in them. which is what’s causing the sinus pressure I’ve been experiencing and the recent chronic infections.

At least there’s an answer. That’s a good thing. My CT scan could have shown every sinus open and clear, which would have left us wondering what is causing me to feel so badly. Thank goodness that was not what happened. But, as much as I want to feel better, I’m dreading this surgery. The recovery wasn’t fun last time. Neither was the post-op visit. And, re-reading my post from last year is making me dread this even more. I just hope the result will be worth all the pain and misery.

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