Celebrating New Year’s Eve

Before we had Lucy, we always went out on New Year’s Eve. Our location of choice was a then-Irish Pub in the downtown area of our little city. It was always a ton of fun to just hang out with our friends at these New Year’s Eve parties.

Now that we’re parents, we typically spend our New Year’s Eves at my in-laws’ cabin in the mountains. We spend the day hanging out and napping, and that night we usually watch movies or read while we wait until the new year to begin. My in-laws don’t have cable up there, so we normally watch the ball drop at Times Square online.

Although I love my low-key New Year’s Eves, one of these days, Joe and I would like to go to New York City for new years parties nyc. I have always thought that would be so much fun to do. However, if we went, we would probably splurge and get a hotel on Times Square and hopefully watch the ball drop from the comfort of our room!

But, this year, like in years past, we’ll be up in the mountains. My parents are coming for the weekend as well, so we’ll all have a ton of fun together. I can’t wait!

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