How many of you watch Lifetime?

*looks for a show of hands*

I love Lifetime. One of the assistant district attorneys I worked with told me when he got home one night his wife started yelling at him because of a Lifetime movie she’d been watching. His question to me was “Why can’t you guys ever watch the good husbands channel?”

Now, I know the movies can be a little on the anti-male side, but I really like the tv shows. I used to watch reruns of Reba and Still Standing in the evenings, and now one of my new favorites is the Lifetime Original Army Wives. I started watching after last season by catching up on iTunes, and I’ve become addicted. The actresses spend time with wives of soldiers, and I’ve actually read interviews with really army wives who say the show is pretty accurate. Besides watching the show, I love all the extras on Lifetime’s Web site, like interviews with the actresses, games and astrological readings, just to name a few.

So are you guys fans of Lifetime? What’s your favorite Lifetime show?

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  1. cristy says:

    I just love the trashy stupid mindless movies. That’s one thing you should enjoy before you have kids. I really have to say that I do miss those lazy Saturdays of doing nothing but laying around watching Lifetime movies all day. Having a day like that just once in a while would be such a treat!

  2. Heather says:

    I watch pretty much most of the movies on their. Yes the depressing ones.

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