Redneck Fun

Joe and I love to throw parties. We love having people over and entertaining. And, our most recent trip to Walmart sparked the idea for our next party — a redneck wine tasting party. Yes, seeing an endcap display of $3 wine made us think what a fabulous idea having a party with cheap wine would be.

And so, the idea was born, the evites were sent, and the idea seems to be a hit! We are choosing the worst time of the year to throw a party, but we’ll still have a nice little crowd. And, in addition to the cheap wine, we’re asking everyone to bring an appetizer complete with the tackiest servingware they own. This idea was spurred from our own tacky servingware, which we received for our wedding. As I’ve mentioned before, they are hideous. And, since I dug them out during The Great Box Project of ’08, I now have pictures to show you just how horrendous they are. We’ll start with the grape leaf hot plate.

grape leaf hot plate

It goes quite well with the grape leaf platter we received.

grape leaf platter

And then there’s the palm tree platter.

palm tree platter

It matches the palm tree serving spoon set that Rachel and Dave got for their wedding (and surprisingly, both gifts were given by different people).

palm tree serving spoons

We also found a clam serving bowl. I have no idea where it came from (it wasn’t a wedding gift) or what it’s supposed to be used for, but it’s simply awful and perfect for our party. I think it would be great to serve mini pitas and hummus.

clam shell serving bowl

I am super excited about this party. And if it’s as big of a hit as I think it’s going to be, we’ll definitely start planning a couple a year.

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  1. Joe says:

    Goodnight, I’m making the worst Vanna White face in history. Ugh. ::shudder:: Otherwise, I can’t wait for the party!

  2. connie says:

    That sounds like a fun party! You’ll have to take lots of pics & tell us all about it. I ♥ the grape leaf hot plate & the grape leaf platter. My kitchen & dining room have fruit decor so I guess I’m partial šŸ˜‰

  3. Julie says:

    That sounds like a GREAT party, I want to come! And why didn’t people buy things from your wedding registry, and why didn’t you return the things you didn’t like? I know, I\’m full of nosy questions šŸ˜‰

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